Communication Designs

 Direcmedia Solutions is able to provide tailored business marketing, web content management, copy-writing & product branding solutions. Our web development service includes relations based content creations, social media pages along with building an online presence, mobile apps, intranets & blogs.



Media Management

All channels of communication are called media. Whether it is a Power Point presentation for a small group, digital audio /video production services, a teleconference with your presentation streaming over the internet or intranet. We also provide personalized professional media design and development services. DirecMedia has your solutions.


Production Support

Interactive collaborative production support is to assists users who are having problems with initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and closing. Good production support results in a range of services from providing assistance with talent & technology such as networking, computers, and software, typically aiming to help the user with a specific problem.


About Us

We Are
Media Design Strategist

DirecMedia Group, Inc., is a media communication support company. Our goal is to provide quality services that include marketing, cyber content management /productions, public imaging designs, technical copywriting and media management. 


Also, DirecMedia Group provides media clearinghouse services that is focused on effective target communication, while easing the challenges associated with developing & maintaining a complex communication image/ perception target.


DirecMedia is able to cost-effectively accomodate post production projects at any stage of development. We are capable of managing your organizational target message and tailor a specific  customized plan to manage your business or professional media communication.

Feature Variants

DirecMedia Group, Inc. can meet your specific business communication needs without interrupting your workflow. Quality techniques and tools help lower the costs of people focused service processes and improve customer satisfaction. We can drive your message home with clear, focused language that appeals to your customers' needs

Responsive Experience

DirecMedia Group is experienced with all aspects of technical documentation, from the editing of computer manuals and the writing of white papers to the creation and design of data sheets. Whether you need a brochure, newsletter, an advertisement, or even a flyer, make sure your investment in printing costs is maximized with crisp, targeted content.

Planning & Design

DirecMedia Group will manage your media challenges by cohesive planning, implementation, and control of the production processes to ensure smooth and efficient operation. The importance of organizational perception is critical in product or service recognition and to have a positive view on your projected results is paramount in establishing or maintaining relevance.

Management Elements

Media management entails research; that is, finding out as much as you can about your clients through direct contact, web sites, sales literature, newsletters, blogs and other sources. You want to know what they sell, to whom, who sells against them, what major benefits and features they offer, and how they position and view themselves in the marketplace.

Developing A Communication Strategy

If through clarifying our strategy we identify audiences who are best reached through the media, then it makes sense to seek media coverage. However, we need to remember that there are many ways to communicate – we can research our audience, seek people out directly (knock on their doors!), make contact with them through other messengers, hold events for them to attend, carry out actions for them to witness… and many other ways.

Our Vision

"The person who gets the farthest is generally the one who is willing to do and dare. The sure-thing boat never gets far from shore." Dale Carnegie

Our Focus

Graphic Design